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Top 5 Ways of Employee Recognition


Who wouldn’t want to work in an organization that has the common norm of appreciating their employees and making them feel good about their efforts every step of the way?

That’s exactly what employee recognition does. It makes the employees want to take part, a difficult goal that many experienced managers fail to achieve.

What is Employee Recognition?

The phrase employee recognition revolves around a concept that has changed the way the corporate sector works.

Dissecting both terms separately we have employee and recognition.

An employee stands for the labor employed by a firm. While on the other hand, recognition is another concept whose main essence lies in the acknowledgment of employees.

Shedding light and glorifying the efforts and actions of your employees is thereby the dilemma of employee recognition.

Employee recognition can take many forms, as it might involve giving a quick and out shout-out to your employees, a full-on formal event for the celebration of their efforts, and whatnot. The different methods are explained in detail down below.

Recognition can be divided into different types based on who gives it.

What is Employee Recognition

So there is top-down recognition, peer recognition, etc.

Top-down recognition is usually done in a hierarchical structure where an employee’s supervisor, team leader, or manager applauds them for their and takes an active part in the celebration of their participation.

These managers tend to give employees their due recognition when it comes to achieving big-picture objectives that are a win for the whole company.

The other one is peer recognition. This is where there is a general attitude of congratulating and applauding the work of each other.

Employees are the ones that work beside each other, they’re the ones that experience a first-hand experience for the blood and sweat that employees put into their everyday work. Peer recognition is a simple concept.

One employee sees another one doing a good job, they praise them and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Importance of Employee Recognition

The importance and advantages of employee recognition are well-known to everyone.

First, in line, we have the fact that employees want to get up from their beds in the morning and go to work. Why? Because they’re feeling safe, and valued, and they have this true notion that whatever work they do makes a difference.

What this hints at is a higher level of employee morale. Workers have this overall feeling of being satisfied and well-being which leads to them being excited about work which is sometimes rare to find.

Employee recognition also leads to higher employee retention. This takes into account the level of absenteeism and resignations.

When the employees feel valued at their work, they will naturally want to stay longer with the company in the long term as they’re gaining considerable advantages besides the monetary aspects.

Importance of Employee Recognition

Looking at the other side, if there is no general norm of employee effort recognition in your business then employees will keep searching for other companies until they find their dream one.

When there is a common culture of employee recognition, the company is getting one step closer to creating a ‘dream company that will also help attract real and effective talent from the pool of applicants in the market.

And the last one is a simple yet extremely effective and important advantage. Increased employee recognition leads to the highest level of productive efforts among employees.

However, it must be noted that employee recognition should be authentic. Genuine employee recognition helps uplift employee engagement and this in turn helps employees become more productive.

What Are The Different Methods of Employee Recognition

What Are The Different Methods of Employee Recognition

Employee recognition takes many forms. Some of them are:

  • Written praise; A simple email applauding the efforts of employees, or a thank you note dropped at their table might make a huge difference in an employee’s work life. Words of affirmation that come from a genuine place always have a huge impact on employees and are completely effortless.
  • Verbal praise: In-person praise from the employer or the manager can change the whole attitude of an employee towards their work. For instance, when an employee comes to your desk to drop their work, a simple “thank you” spoken verbally or a quick “good job” can do wonders for employee motivation.
  • Day-to-day: There is a difference between perpetual and periodic recognition. And it is theorized that perpetual or everyday recognition tends to be far more effective. This form of recognition can include the manager giving positive comments and words of affirmation at the time of feedback. This attitude of the managers plays a great role in creating an environment that revolves around uplifting and constructive feedback rather than balance criticism.

Which One is The Most Effective — Awards

Even though every one of the methods mentioned above is equally important, one that has a fan base of its own is employee recognition via award-giving.

Employee recognition awards are pize awards distributed among workers that have earned this acknowledgment and praise via their hard work and effort.

Most Effective — Awards

The different types of employee recognition awards include:

  • An employee of the month award: This award can also change forms and be like an employee of the year award etc. This award is given to employees that have shown outstanding performance over a specific period.
  • Creativity award: Such an award is a great way to motivate employees to think and get their brain cells running.

Award distribution is a great way of strengthening a company’s culture. And what will that culture be?

A positive one that focuses on the appraisal of the efforts of its employees and showing these off among the whole corporation so that others can take inspiration and follow the lead.


Various employee recognition methods have been discussed above, but award distribution has its charm.

Therefore, don’t waste any more time sulking around the corner and make a difference in your business by starting this fruitful trend.

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