Plaque Awards

Awards are a time-honored way of recognizing all types of accomplishments, special events, and milestones in our lifetime. They might be bestowed for top sales or highest customer satisfaction within the workplace. They can be given as gifts to commemorate a special moment such as a wedding or graduation. Awards can be presented for encouragement or a celebration of an extraordinary achievement. Whatever the reason, awards are a meaningful way to show appreciation and recognition.


What are award plaques?

The traditional plaque is a wooden board with a metal plate that has been personalized by engraving, printing, or some other method of marking. Of course there are many types of personalized plaques made from various materials. Almost anything can be designed as a plaque by adding personalization and being hung on a wall or displayed as a free standing accolade. Custom wall plaques can also include photo plaques, color plaques, and all types of recognition plaques.

How do you make an award plaque?

Plaques can be made in a variety of ways. These engraved trophies can be created by simply engraving on the plaque itself such as a Red Alder Plaque with laser engraving. The plaque could have a custom engraved plate attached to the front. Non-traditional trophies could include acrylic awards, glass plaques or plates, leatherette, fabric, or a number of other materials. Photo plaques can incorporate an actual photograph or the plaque can be digitally printed in full color. Whichever style of plaque, laser engraving is the most preferred choice for customization with its ability for outstanding graphic detail and near limitless selection of free typestyles and design elements to choose from.

What are recognition plaques made of?

The materials used to make a plaque trophy are limited only by imagination. Several materials or items can be transformed into engraved plaques. The most common trophy plaque is made from wood. There are several types of wood awards to choose from including manufactured veneer, genuine hardwoods, and special high-gloss piano finish plaques. Likewise one can choose from many wood types and finishes. The engraved or printed plates are often brass, steel, or aluminum metal. They are often color coated so that the engraving shows through in bright gold or silver. Several plates have printed designs to enhance the awards. You are also free to choose from trophies made from glass, metal, plastic, resin, leatherette, and more.

How much do plaques cost?

There is a very large range of prices for these type of trophies as they will vary based on material, size, method of engraving, and various custom features that may be available. Dell Awards offers free laser engraving on all of our awards. Other types of personalization may be free or have an associated cost such as full color printing. Our superior customer service is part of the value you receive when you choose Dell Awards. Our Walnut Finish Plaque ranges from $19.50 for a 4" x 6" engraved plaque to $67.50 for a 12" x 15" engraved plaque. Specialty Plaques and Perpetual Plaques can be considerably higher depending on the trophy components and materials. Engraving on award plaques are free and orders over $150.00 have free shipping.

What are popular plaque choices?

At Dell Awards, we specialize in many styles of engraved plaques. For convenience, we have broken them down to four categories: Classic Plaques, Premium Plaques, Specialty Plaques, and Perpetual Plaques. Each of these options will offer unique and truly special ways to recognize outstanding feats and talents as well as celebrating true life milestones. As with all of our engraved awards, we offer great customer service, free engraving and shipping free for orders totaling over $150.00.

  • Classic plaque awards are the most economical option. They maintain the beauty and elegance of the tradition wood plaque with an engraved metal plate at a lower cost. The veneer wood plaques are available in several wood finishes such as walnut, cherry, mahogany, and oak. They are also offered in various colors in marble, wood grain and matte finishes. Colors include red, blue, green, black and more for a creative contemporary look. All of our Classic Trophy Plaques are offered with your choice of free Designer Plates in various colors
  • Premium plaque awards are created with genuine hardwood in Walnut, Red Alder and ecologically sustainable Bamboo. The elegant high gloss Piano Finish is a step above in Rosewood, Ebony, and Walnut. These plaques are highly distinguishable with their natural grace and sophistication. As with the Classic Plaques, they are offered with your choice of free Designer Plate. The Walnut, Red Alder, and Bamboo Award Plaques may also be laser engraved directly into the wood for a more natural allure.
  • Specialty plaque awards present the contemporary side of award plaques. Replacing the traditional wood, Specialty Plaques can be made with glass, acrylic, leatherette, metal, and other materials. Here you will find our popular Bevel Edge Glass Plaques in clear, blue, smoke, and black finishes for a truly unique award. Dell Awards offers several acrylic plaque designs with stylish graphics and a modern touch. Included in this category are the Floating Piano Finish Plaques that blend the elegance of our high gloss Rosewood and Black hardwood plaques with an engraved glass or acrylic “suspended” plate.
  • Perpetual plaque awards keep the spirit of your award alive.  Maintaining a continuous award creates a sense of pride and competition. Setting a monthly, quarterly or annual goal to strive for is an exceptional motivator.  Dell Awards offers a comprehensive selection of Perpetual Plaques from our value-priced cherry and walnut finish awards to our exquisite piano finish plaques.  Plaques are available in choices of 12 to 84 individual plates as well as custom configurations. 

Why choose Dell Awards for your next award and recognition project?

We hope you will consider Dell Awards for all of your recognition, awards, and gifts. We offer 60 years of expertise in designing and creating your custom engraved award, excellent customer service, free engraving with no set-ups, and free shipping on orders over $150.00. We would be honored to help you.

How do I contact Dell Awards?

You may contact Dell Awards for all of our custom engraved plaques and custom awards with free engraving through our email address at [email protected], call us at 619-469-2100, or live chat at Copyright 2020 all rights reserved.

Clear Bevel Edge Glass Plaque
Starting @ $23.50
Matte Black Finish Plaque Award with Black Florentine Plate
Starting @ $24.50
Cherry Finish Plaque with Red Marble Plate
Starting @ $24.50
Blue Woodgrain Plaque Blue Artist Plate
Starting @ $24.50
Mahogany Finish Plaque Award with Black Florentine Plate
Starting @ $24.50
Green Marble Acrylic Plaque
Starting @ $47.00
Oak Finish Plaque Award with Green Patina Plate
Starting @ $24.50
Red Alder Plaque with Green Patina Plate
Starting @ $28.50
Red Alder Plus Plaque with Walnut Edge Laser Engraved
Starting @ $42.50
Rosewood Piano Finish Gavel Plaque
Starting @ $108.00
Scroll Acrylic Plaque
Starting @ $51.50
Walnut Scroll Plaque with Black Florentine Plate
Starting @ $199.75
Black Star Acrylic Plaque
Starting @ $62.50
Walnut Finish Plaque Award with Black Florentine Plate
Starting @ $19.50
Walnut Plaque Award wir Red Showtime Plate
Starting @ $34.50