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Effect Of The Pandemic On Award Businesses


With the progression of the public health restrictions, nearly all in-person award shows have come to a sudden halt.

Many places around the globe, including organizations, institutions, malls, and public gatherings, are shut to reduce the spread of the virus. The modern restrictions imposed by the government have had a great deal of impact on award businesses.

The following article describes the amount of impact there has been due to this global pandemic on award businesses. So let’s find out how covid-19 has changed the award industry in the blink of an eye!

Award Shows Affected By Covid-19

Award Shows Affected

The covid-19 outbreak has affected millions of businesses around the world, including award shows. The low amount of audiences in recent award shows clearly indicates that they are in crisis. Nevertheless, many major ceremonies have struggled through this pandemic.

Here are some award shows that are either canceled, postponed, or have gone through some changes due to the virus.

Emmy Awards

One of the many Emmy awards that come under the jurisdiction of NATAS, the New York Emmys, was on April 25th. However, unlike any other award ceremony, this was on Facebook Live and their official New York Emmy Awards website.

The presenters have pre-recorded in various locations all around New York City. They opened the sealed envelopes in over 137 different categories. The winners of the awards had to post their acceptance speeches on their social media.

In conclusion, the Emmys got a significant amount of attention due to their partly virtual show. Though this was far from being the only award show that had to adapt to the new safety restrictions.


The 93rd Academy Awards were to take this since 1932. Additionally, the extension for the eligibility period for qualifying films is till the 28th of February. In contrast, the nominations are on March 15th .

In addition, we have seen major changes in the Academy awards. For instance, the Academy’s board of governors made temporary changes to the qualifying rules. As a result, the films whose release dates were called off are eligible for the Oscars even if they are premiering through streaming. This rule was effective until the theaters in LA opened.

The eligibility rules for documentaries are also different. Documentaries can qualify by winning some film festival awards or by being chosen by two festivals from a total of nine, regardless of whether those festivals take place or not.


The British Academy of film and television arts moved its award show from February 14th to the 11th of April as soon as the Academy Awards announced their new award show schedule.

With the change of date, they also brought changes in some of their film eligibility rules. Since the 20th of March, the cinemas in the UK have been shut. Hence, the changes ensured that titles that were supposed to have a theatrical release would not be penalized due to the pandemic crisis.

There is an extension with the eligibility of the films for commercial theatrical releases, which were postponed due to the closing of theaters. This includes the releases on VODs. Additionally, by pushing the date of the awards, the organization was giving a chance for the smaller documentaries and British films to be seen. All in good time, though.

The Era Of Covid-19 Awards

The Era Of Covid-19 Awards

The covid-19 pandemic has brought about delays and cancellations of public events, including films festivals and music awards shows all around the globe.

However, with extra safety procedures and a new audience, the award shows are moving along just fine.

Safety Measures

Every award show producer’s goal was to have safety come first before anything else. Therefore, the top priority is to protect anyone participating in the award show setting to be safe during this pandemic.

The producers have opted for safety measures that include extensive social distancing procedures, limitations on capacity and, virtualizing components.

The New Audience

The different awards show featured variations with their usual live audience. For instance, the VMAs brought virtual fans while the Billboard awards didn’t have many audiences.

Virtual Fans

Though a virtual audience may sound weird, it’s actually comforting for the artists, and it keeps the viewer’s energy up. Additionally, it’s important to give the viewers a sense of excitement to keep the show going.

New Changes For Artists

It was mandatory to let the artists know of the new restrictions and what the producers and the crew can and cannot help them with. Not only did the artists have to follow certain guidelines, but the backup dancers and other participants also had to follow some rules.

For instance, the dancer would have to wear a mask. Likewise, if a band member isn’t singing, they will have to wear a mask. These rules were hard to make because, with award shows, producers along with artists want to be creative so that their show stands out.

Additionally, one way of making the artist feel more comfortable was to shift to a different location. For example, the Billboard music awards shifted from Las Vegas to Los Angeles Dolby theater. Because most artists live in Los Angeles, therefore they won’t have to travel much.

How The Award Industry Has Been Affected

The coronavirus pandemic from the past year up till now has brought about a challenging time. The world is on hold, and this has had an impact on many industries. Consequently, the award industry has had a huge blow, too, with the cancellations of award ceremonies around the world.

Ceremonies Around The World.

Though the award industry has impacted the safety restrictions and the closing of theaters and award shows, there’s still a light at the end of the tunnel. In recent times there has been the ease in the restrictions by the government. As a result, in-person awards shows are starting to take place.

Additionally, a certain number of audience members are permitted award ceremonies along with the addition of virtual audiences. Either way, it seems like the award industry may be getting back into the business.

The Bottom Line

The pandemic has brought many challenges, but that doesn’t mean the world will stop moving. So the show must go on!

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