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Which One is Better: Plaque Awards or Medals


The never-ending debate over whether a company should distribute awards in the form of plaques or medals is still not settled.

Part of the reason why there is no definite answer is that both of them are equally effective and advantageous.

However, there is still hope. Read on and learn all about the pros and cons of both these award types!

Plaque Awards – What You Need to Know

Among a wide variety of materials, plaque awards are considered to be one of the best out there both in the case of quality and as a way of showing employees that their effort is appreciated.

Plaque Awards - What You Need to Know

Plaque awards can take both traditional and modern take, whatever the company is going for. The design that you choose will largely affect the way the recipients will interpret the whole gesture, so you want to make the right choice.

What Are Plaque Awards Made Of

Plaque awards can take various forms. Therefore, when it comes to customization one has great choices. Some of the most sought-after options include; crystal, glass, wood, metal, stone, and acrylic.

What Are Plaque Awards Made Of

A custom plaque award will usually have some sort of writing or a motivational message written on it along with the name of the recipient.

The plaque awards need to be made out of wood that has been ethically sourced and in the case of glass, it is better to go for one that has been recycled.

Why Are They So Popular

Plaque awards have been used almost for a century and even more so now with the trend of employee recognition and motivation.

Plaque awards allow companies to achieve their end goal with minimum cost. Moreover, it is an overall effective way of showing appreciation for employees.

Another reason why plaque awards have been the first choice for many companies is that they allow the companies to customize awards in the way that they want them to be.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons Art

Following are the pros of plaque awards:

  • Minimum input required: If the company is manufacturing the plaque awards themselves, it would rather be more cost-effective than if they went for an external manufacturer. This is because the plaque awards require a minimum amount of input and there is no added markup.
  • A great way of increasing morale: Plaque awards are well-known for increasing employee morale. When employees see their colleagues receiving plaque awards, they are motivated and an environment of harmony and hard work is created.

The cons of using plaque awards include:

  • May not be ethical: Keep in mind that this disadvantage only comes when the awards are sourced from a manufacturer that isn’t conscientious. If the manufacturer doesn’t use recycled materials then your company’s PR image might be badly affected.
  • Can be considered ‘boring’: If the company doesn’t come up with creative and new ways of rewarding, only giving plaque awards can become boring and may not achieve the end goal.

Medals – What You Need to Know

Over time, it has been seen that medals are taking over the usual trend. Previously, they were used only among financial instructions.

Medals - What You Need to Know

But nowadays, their use has become widespread within corporate offices and even multinationals. But can’t say we’re surprised. Medals have got a great set of qualities that make them a fit choice for many purposes and occasions.

What Are Medals Made Of

A medal consists of a metal struck with a design that has been balanced securely from both sides with the help of a ribbon or some other form of material. Medals can take various forms like medallions, or even small plaquettes.

What Are Medals Made Of

Medals can be either gold, silver, bronze, or lead. Gold medals are usually simple silver metal with gold plating on them.

Both gold and silver medals are made out of the most stable element, that is nitric acid. Hence, they won’t react to many external factors and maintain their body and shape.

Why Are They So Popular

If you already didn’t know, the Olympics revolves around medal distribution. However, this doesn’t mean that the sole reason for the popularity is the Olympics all alone.

Medals have been used as a way of appreciation and reward by many local communities when it comes to competitive games.

The Olympics extended this popularity to an international level. The main categories of medals when it comes to the Olympics are Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

As mentioned earlier, a gold medal has a pint of silver in it. The silver model is made out of 100% silver while the bronze model is made out of real red brass, which is 95 percent copper and five percent zinc.

This has been another reason why medals are gaining popularity. It’s because of their authenticity and the use of high-quality inputs.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons Street

Here are the pros of medals:

  • Professionalism: Medals carry with them a sense an element of professionalism. When it comes to organizing an event or an award distribution ceremony, a quality custom model brings a unique and sophisticated air to the whole event.
  • A great way for attracting an audience: When employees get to know that the company is holding a medal distribution ceremony, staff will be motivated to participate in whatever event the company is holding.
  • Gets media exposure: The usage of medal distribution is a great way for enhancing the company’s public relations image. When there is an incorporation of awards, chances are that your company event will be covered by local and regional news.

Here are the cons of medals:

  • Expensive: Due to the number of inputs required for medal production, they can be found on the more expensive side.

Which One is More Effective

Taking into account all the stated information above, both the plaque awards and medals help achieve the same end goals. However, the only area both of these hold any distinguishing features is when it comes to cost.

Which One is More Effective

Plaque awards are said to be less expensive and medals are expensive without any doubt. Hence, if you want to go for a cost-effective choice, plaque awards are the one for you.

The Bottom Line

Whether you go for plaque awards or medals, the main priority should be the manufacturer in the first place.

And when it comes to a manufacturer who maintains high quality throughout their products, we have Dell Awards at the top of their list. Dell Awards is well-known for its ability to manufacture quality custom awards with the help of cutting-edge technology.

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