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The Importance of Participation Awards


Throughout life, we’re constantly engaged in various forms of competitions and events in an attempt to snag some trophies.

An aspect of these competitions that can be very disheartening for some is that only a select few are rewarded, and their efforts recognized while the rest walk home in shambles, hoping to do better next time.

Trophy Winner

Participation awards flip the script by acknowledging every individual’s hard work and effort while also recognizing those who stood out from the crowd.

This can be an absolute game-changer in the award recognition industry as it motivates everyone to put in their best, even if they don’t come out on top. An attempt to make all contests seem worthwhile and encourage maximum participation.

The Impact of Sports

The Impact of Sports

Sports can be thought to have started ever since civilization started developing. In a world where everything can be turned into a competition, humans have raced to introduce various types of sports, catering to a wide variety of individuals and their strengths.

Participating in sports or even viewing them as a spectator can significantly affect a person’s mind and body alike.



The psychological consequences of physical activities, particularly sports, are no mystery.

From a physiological point of view, the release of various hormones and chemicals inside the body gives people a boost in morale, elevates their moods, increases self-image and self-confidence, and has been shown to decrease stress levels for all ages.

Engaging in a variety of sports has been linked to the growth of leadership traits within individuals and can improve your quality of life in several other ways.


More commonly known, the physical benefits attributed to sports have a bit more credibility as changes are seen almost instantly.

Daily sports activities help individuals maintain healthy body weight and other bodily functions. These include, but are not limited to, control of blood sugar levels, control of cholesterol, improvement of heart function, and drastically reduced chances of diseases like COPD and diabetes.

Physical Activities

Another way sports are beneficial to our everyday lives is due to the fact it brings you closer to your community and is an amazing way to make friends. Getting to know individuals with the same interests and competing against them fosters a healthy competitive spirit.

Different Criteria of Awards for Different Sports

Every day, we hear of a new type of competition or sport that may have been introduced to the world or is limited to a particular area.

Keeping that in mind, it is crucial to understand that prize distributions and values are not the same for every sport. How? We’ll break it down for you.

Professional vs Domestic

Professional or international-level sports are highly recognized in all parts of the world. This doesn’t just mean that more people watch it. It also correlates to a higher number of investors and many more participants compared to domestic-level sports.

They have a large prize pool due to significantly more funding, giving them the luxury of forming exquisite prizes. But it also means getting anywhere near the top is that much harder.

Domestic-level sports, be it sports leagues or local competitions, do not receive the same attention and cannot reproduce the same awards category.

Professional or International Sports

On the flip side, winning these competitions is relatively easy and can be used as a stepping stone to reach for bigger achievements.

It should also be known that besides the difference in magnitude, different sports on the same level can have a varying array of awards. While some may award trophies and medals, others tend to give out cash prizes that may or may not be equal in value.

Participation Awards – What Are They?

Let’s shine some light upon the underrated stars of competitions, the rewards that keep morale high and motivate participants to try harder next time.

Participation awards are a token of appreciation given to each participant to honor their commendable performances and appreciate them for making the event a success.

The Role They Play

Participation awards play a crucial role in the award recognition industry.

Mainly used at lower levels in childrens’ sports functions, they’ve also been introduced to the professional level to some extent. No one likes going home empty-handed, thinking the time and effort they put in was a waste.

Participation awards remove any such negativity, so every individual feels worthwhile and recognized.

Benefits of Participation Awards

Participation awards have proven to play a crucial role in the recognition industry. Even though, at many points, they are looked down upon.


Winning the hearts of many who are not ranked amongst the best, they warp the perception of competitions as a whole. Here’s how.

Increasing Inclusivity

One of the significant pros of introducing participation awards into a sport or contest is it makes everyone feel included and respected.

No one goes home without a token of appreciation, and it is thought that counts. This helps people feel like they’re still at the same level as other athletes and should try to do better next time to rank higher but knowing that they haven’t been forgotten and their efforts are still celebrated.

Increasing Inclusivity

Inclusivity has become a talking point in this era. When people are already unwilling to engage in physical activities, leaving empty-handed can be the closing stamp on their motivation.

Participation awards at least make them feel better about themselves and throw a positive shade on their experience.

Inspiring Engagement

It’s pretty self-explanatory why high levels of engagement are necessary to make any competition work.

Without participants, you cannot move forward, no matter the amount of funding or the size of the crowd you have attracted. Participation awards help motivate people to get up and partake in any sports of their liking.

The Bottom Line

Several factors make any industry shine, and while some may be at the forefront, each factory plays its unique role in the industry’s success.

Just like that, participation awards attract a much larger pool of participants and will continue to do so in the future.

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