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Get Awards and Gifts: PROMPTLY

We, at Dell Awards, understand events, occasions and celebrations may happen suddenly. And sometimes, you just remember that you want to get a gift or an award just a short time before an occasion. We understand that critical need. That’s why we deliver awards within:

  • The Shortest Turnaround Time: We offer our clients the shortest turnaround time possible. All our team is dedicated to handling your orders and tackling both the design and making of your awards.
  • The Fastest Shipping Couriers in The U.S.: In order to ensure the fastest delivery possible to all locations you want, we contract with the best shipping couriers in the country.

Get Awards For Your Whole Team — Everywhere

We can ship your orders everywhere. We cover all the regions and states. You can rely on us for all awards for each of your presentations — In any of your businesses’ branches across the U.S.

  • For example, we served KFC that completely relied on us for rewarding their team in both California and Arizona. (KFC’s Review Below)

Repeat Orders FOREVER: We Remember You!

customer service

We know ordering annually the same awards, different awards, or both, can be pretty overwhelming, confusing, time-consuming and sometimes tedious.

That’s why we keep records of our clients’ requirements and preferences. Our clients can place orders within a few minutes, every year, and forever. So, in summary, at Dell Awards, you can:

  • Order the same orders annually.
  • Order different awards, in addition to the same awards you ordered a year/ or years before.
  • Inform us of new winners/ employees/ or public figures you’d like to award in a certain year.

Good News — Dell Awards Free Shipping

  • Save the Shipping Fees: You can save the shipping fees, getting your order(s) shipped for free. That is applicable to all your orders that exceed $150 worth.
  • If you’d like to benefit from this discount, please, select Free Ground Shipping during Checkout.
  • Applicable to all states: Wherever you are in the contiguous 48 states, you can get that discount on all orders.
  • Only Hawaii and Alaska: Although we can ship to these states, free shipping does not apply to orders to be delivered in Hawaii or Alaska states.

Dell Return Policy

  • As we place customer satisfaction as our top priority, we have a very flexible Dell return policy.
  • 100% Guaranteed: We guarantee perfect awards and gifts that are 100% free from defects.
  • Your approval comes first: Whenever your approval is needed to confirm awards will meet your preferences, we will wait for your approval. For example, before engraving.
  • Error-free engraving: We guarantee our clients 100% error-free engraving. If any error on our part, while rare, your order will be replaced IMMEDIATELY at no cost to you.
  • Contact Us Immediately: Whenever there is a need to return any of our products, whether for a refund or replacement, please contact us immediately at [email protected]
  • 20% Discount: We also offer our clients a courtesy 20% discount for any corrections or replacement of products that are caused by the customer. If you’d like to benefit from that discount, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]
  • Ensure Your Order Meets Your Requirements: Once you’ve received your order(s), please, open the package and inspect your order.
  • 7 Business Days: All returns must be authorized by Dell Awards within 7 business days of delivery.
  • Some Fees are Non-Refundable: This includes shipping charges and any pre-proofed product with direct engraving (where engraving is not on an attached plate).

Recommended By Experts – Dell Awards Reviews

Top-Rated U.S. Company

Dell Awards is a top-rated U.S. company based in San Diego, California. Founded 61 years ago in 1960, Dell Awards has served leading businesses, public figures and customers all over the United States.

Recognized and Unforgettable Brands

For over 60 years, Dell Awards has successfully offered recognizable and unforgettable brands through designing, customizing and selling all types of high-quality awards.

Customer Service: 100% GREAT

Not only amazing awards; but also great customer service with unsurpassed value, the highest quality, and quick turnaround. Dell Awards has a proven track record of 100% customer satisfaction. Feel free to check the following reviews from a few of our clients!

Order The Best Awards and Gifts — NOW

online store

In order to help you order the awards and gifts that 100% meets your requirements and preferences, we set a couple of options/ methods. Feel free to choose the easiest one.

  1. Our Online eStore: Through our online e-store, you can browse and order all the awards and gifts you want, the design you prefer as well as the quantity of awards. Our e-store is designed to ease the process of choosing awards and ordering. It includes various types of awards that cover the needs of all our clients and businesses.
  2. We Help You: You tell us your preferences and requirements. Then, our experts will take care of anything else, as shown below.

How To Order Dell Awards Online? (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you specifically order the awards you want:

  • 1.Check Dell Awards Online E-Store where you will find all the awards we offer divided into 9 categories, as shown below.
  • 2.Check the category/ categories you prefer.
  • 3. Pick out an award or awards.
  • 4. Choose the size of the award.
  • 5. Choose if you want a Full Color Digital Imprint.
  • 6. Enter the quantity of the awards you want.
  • 7. In some plaque awards, you can also choose the designer plate.
  • 8. Add to Cart.
  • 9. Custom Personalization: If you would like to add more personalization of your awards, press Personalize.
    • Attach files of your artwork or logo files.
    • Your instructions: You can enter a message of your instructions, with your email and phone number.
  • 10. Assistance & Customer Service.
    • Email us: Feel free to email us for assistance at: [email protected]
    • Call us: You also can call us for assistance at our toll-free number: 1 (877) 335-5495.
    • Fax: You can also send us a fax at 619-469-1266
    • Availability: We are available from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m to 5:30 p.m PST. In addition, we are available on Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Second Option: Your Preferences & Our Suggestions

If you are not sure what kind of awards or gifts would be the best for the people you’re planning to recognize you can choose this second option: Feel free to email us your preferences at [email protected]. We will design and deliver your awards customized to your needs as follows:

  1. You can send us information like:
    • People: Who are you planning to award?
    • Positions: What are the positions of these people you want to award?
    • Occasions: When are you planning to award these persons? What is the occasion?
    • Locations: What is the area and culture of your presentation? We can take demographics into consideration to create an appropriate and cherished award or gift.
    • Feeling: How would you like them to feel when awarded your awards? For example,
      • Encouraged and motivated to achieve more.
      • Appreciated for what they did for an organization or an institute, for example.
      • Honored for a certain occasion or accomplishment.
  2. Our Design Department: Our experts in the design department, will discuss your requirements, and then suggest some types and examples that fit your requirements the best. Our experts may send you images of some awards examples that are relevant to the design you have in mind.

All Gifts and Awards: All Events and Occasions


All Events and Occasions: Get Gifts and Awards For All Purposes

We offer a wide variety of awards and gifts that helps our clients to cover their needs and promote their businesses at all events and occasions. Here are a few examples you can get Dell awards and gifts for.

  • Lasting Impression: Make a lasting impression for business associates.
  • Retirement: Get awards for your retiree employees/ beloved ones.
  • Graduation Ceremonies: Get awards and gifts for graduation ceremonies.
  • Church: Get awards for church & Pastor Emeritus Service.
  • Corporate Awards: Get awards customized and designed for your organization that reflect your corporate vision, message and brand.
  • Promote your business: You can get hundred or thousands of gifts that can serve as promotional and complimentary gifts to promote your business, making your business memorable.

All Types of Awards and Gifts

Dell Awards offers all the best types of awards and gifts to cover all our clients’ needs, events, preferences and styles. For example,

Plaque Awards


  • Technology gifts
  • Wine & flask sets
  • Drinkware
  • Desk accessories
  • Clock awards
  • BBQ & Games
  • Leatherette gifts
  • Picture frames
  • Gavels
  • Eco-friendly gifts
  • Premium gifts
  • Gifts for special events

Get Unique Trophies and Amazing Medals

Still and will always be: Trophies and medals are appreciated awards in almost all events.That’s why Dell Awards strives to offer an extensive line of trophies and medals. For example,

  • Trophy cups
    • Crystal Cup on Black Pedestal Base Award
    • Metal Cup Silver Trophy Award 930 Series
    • Metal Cup Trophy Award 100 Series
  • Academic awards
    • Lamp of Knowledge All Star Resin Trophy
    • Music All Star Resin Trophy
  • Medals
    • BriteLazer Medal
    • 3D Dog Tag Medal
  • Sports Awards
    • Baseball/ Softball awards
    • Dance awards
    • Golf awards

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