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All About the World’s Most Iconic Awards


Appreciation boosts morale and values the efforts of working individuals. Undoubtedly, awards are the best way to induce stakeholder confidence and self-enthusiasm.

An ideal society prioritizes its breadwinners and hard workers. Therefore, people believe in the struggle and its positive outcomes. We know the earth is our social biome. On the contrary, what good is this biome if we don’t encourage its social enthusiasts?

Being an active part of society, we must appreciate the people that have a direct positive impact on our well-being. That is where the award system jumps in.

What Makes An Award Worth The Grind?

Reliability, quality, and influence are the three main factors that make an award worth the grind. Let’s be honest; we all put our efforts into the work because we want the best outcome.

Imagine giving your best and getting a wooden stick as an award symbol. It is frustrating, right? That is why the world standard awards are top-tier trophies that give you social authority with other benefits.

Soccer Award

Another basic yet essential quality is the accurate supplication of the award to deserving people. A merit-based award system builds confidence and trust inside the globe workers that tempts them to work hard.

Remember, it doesn’t mean you will have to wait for decades to get your hands on a premium award. There are ideal businesses to provide exceptional award products in an adequate range.

Famous Awards Worldwide

Awards aren’t new for the globe. These were impactful elements way back in the day. In ancient times people used arches and statues as a symbol of awards. However, things changed with time.

Award Close Up

Now in the 21st century, we have advanced in the respective concept. You can see famous trophies and medals that depict special value for distinct people.

We’ll discuss some of these below.

1. The Nobel Prize

This never-ending award system started way back in December 1901. The name follows up with the scientist that came up with this system idea; Alfred Nobel.

The Nobel award is specifically for those individuals that supplied massive benefits to humanity. Out of 975 awarded people, Albert Einstein, Malala Yousafzai, and Thomas Hunt Morgan are some of the famous names.

The Nobel award

The nobel prize is an active example of how a working individual can improve society through science, knowledge, and sheer will.

The best part is that it is not confined to a smaller circle. In terms of awarding fields, the Nobel prize is pretty diverse. People in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and peace got these awards with their constant efforts.

2. The Booker Award

Unlike the Nobel award, the Booker prize is pretty specific in awarding field. It is a literary award, especially for novels published in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The winning novel in the English language published in prescribed regions receives international fame through the award that can boost sales.

The Booker Award

From 1969 to 2001, this award was known as The Booker Prize For Fiction. After that, till 2019, it got the name Man Booker Prize. However, in these times, people recognize it as The Booker Prize.

According to expert authors and literal enthusiasts, getting shortlisted for the prize is an award in itself.

3. The Golden Globes

This award system was started in 1994 by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Same as the Booker prize, this award is also confined to a single field. The top film and TV shows are the ones shortlisted for the award.

Moreover, films and TV shows have specific eligibility requirements that the director must follow. For instance, any film less than 70 minutes gets automatically out of the race.

The Top Film and TV Shows

Another factor associated with the Golden Globes is the screening place. The film must get screened in Greater Los Angeles Area.

As for the selection, the 105 members of HFPA vote for their top five choices. On top of that, the top choice of every member is the option present at number five.

4. The BAFTA Awards

Hosted by the British Academy Of Films And Television Arts, the BAFTA awards have been up and running since 1949. The main purpose of the trophy is to value the best international and British film contributors.

Since 2017 London’s Albert Hall has become the symbolic place for these awards. Typically, the award ceremony only takes place in February.

The first broadcast of the awards was on the BBC channel in 1956. Broadcasting the award ceremony on a credible channel gave it a massive reputation that paved its way to 73 years old fame.

The award shape is similar to a theatre mask, which gives it an aesthetic and appealing look.

5. The Pulitzer Prize

In 1917, the Pulitzer award program was started by the will of famous newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer. Collectively, Columbia University hands out 21 diverse categorized prizes to deserving winners.

Every winner gets a certificate and a hefty amount of cash prize. By the end of 2017, the cash prize was $10000. However, it elevated in 2018, and now every winner gets $15000 in cash as a prize.

Can You Get Your Hands On Awards as Good as These Famous Awards?

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These Famous Awards

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The Bottom Line

Awards help encourage hard-working individuals and elevate their self-esteem with quality admiration. There are diverse categories of awards based on their design and fields.

Everyone wants to get their hands on these physically appealing trophies. After all, they’ll be a great part of the collection.

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