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10 Factors That Make for Successful Awards Program


Organizing a business event requires blood, sweat, and tears. And sometimes, these are not enough. Especially when the main components that ensure a successful event are not taken into account.

From the planning process to the task of implementation, every step needs to be taken with utmost care and in a logical way.

Take a look at what these steps are and how one can ensure the success of an awards program.

Benefits of an Awards Program

The list is long and endless. Award distribution is important in terms of employee motivation, company publicity, and so much more.

When talking about employee motivation, awards distribution has such a positive impact due to many factors, at the top being recognition. When a worker is being awarded, the award may be for the highest sales record, etc. The workers realize that their work was assessed, recognized, and now being rewarded.

Benefits of an Awards Program

A sense of appreciation takes place in the heart of the workers. Hence, the link with motivation. This relationship between work motivation and the recognition of their work has been explained by many theorists before.

Holding such awards programs for sure sets you aside from the crowd. It’s not everyday news that a corporate firm is celebrating the efforts of its workers. If you hold such a distribution ceremony, you will gain popularity among the workforce and in the eyes of the world or the local area where you operate.

This good PR is extremely beneficial for many reasons, including recruitment purposes.

When the word goes around that the company has a habit of awarding their workforce, other skilled and talented applicants will also want to be part of such a team, making it easier for the human resource department to recruit real and effective talent.

When talking about PR, the firm will be able to attract highly skilled applicants and many aspiring clients too. A good reputation precedes a corporate firm and helps it score its best clients.

Therefore, holding award programs for sure is beneficial for everyone involved, not only the firm but its workforce and the potential clients too.

Top 10 Factors Necessary for the Success of Awards Programs

Top 10 Factors

We know the various advantages of holding such a ceremony. However, to fully gain the benefits such an opportunity offers, a firm has to make sure the function is done properly, allowing these advantages to be enjoyed.

Here is a list of 10 factors that need to be ticked off to organize a successful and effective awards program.

Spend Time Planning Extensively

Carrying out an awards program without a proper plan is like setting yourself up for failure from the start.

Planning everything will allow the event organizer and everyone involved to follow the same direction and move coherently.


If the department that’s responsible for planning such a ceremony doesn’t know where to place the order for high-quality plaque awards or hasn’t coordinated with the HR department to find out about the deserving workers that are going to receive the awards, it will be like steering a boat towards no specific direction.

And such a lack of planning and coordination is bound to fail.

Establish an Online Presence

Staying oblivious to the importance of the internet and social media, in general, will eventually make sure your firm remains outdated, and the good publicity advantage of holding awards is going to be nullified.

Therefore, your marketing department must know about the importance of updating all the social platforms regarding such a program.

Curate a Calendar

There’s a huge difference between planning and curating. Once a plan has been drafted, it’s equally important for everything to be in order and perfectly organized.

Deadlines need to be established. For instance, orders for the awards need to be placed on time, the workforce needs to be informed beforehand, and the list goes on.

Decide on a Budget

Budgets are important for every business activity, including an awards program. Under-spending may result in low-quality awards being ordered, while overspending can lead to unnecessary money spent on decorations.


Therefore, the resource and finance department need to be contacted to create a fitting budget for the success of the awards program.

Market the Program to the Target Audience

To fulfill such an act, first of all, it’s important to identify the target market, the people for whom the awards are being organized in the first place. The first group is the workforce of the firm, and then some other groups like stakeholders, potential clients, etc.

Target Audience

Come Up With Awards That Are:

The awards being distributed should essentially have two sets of qualities,

Valuable to the Recipients

The end goal shouldn’t be just to distribute a bunch of plaque awards to the workforce. Every award has to be customized so that the receiver of the award can develop a special connection with the reward.

Align With Your Core Value

It’s important for the awards being handed out to represent your firm and what it stands for. Personal customization is important, but a general message should also be communicated that illustrates the values of the firm.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is the key to success, and this can be applied to every aspect of a corporate firm. Therefore, all the plans, deadlines, and do’s and don’ts should be effectively and efficiently communicated with the receivers of the message.


Get Respectable Judges

If the award program is based on choosing winners for a specific category, it’s essential to appoint judges that your workforce trusts and respects. If the judge’s opinion is not respected, neither will their decision be.

Learn From Experience

No event is perfect. If you have held such award programs in the past, do not repeat the same mistakes that you did before. Learn from them, and make sure they’re avoided.

Digitize As Much As You Can

The costs must be kept to a minimum. Therefore, another trick in the books is to digitize various aspects of the event organizing process. This can include sending out the different invitations, planning out everything on the computer, etc.

The Bottom Line

Each point mentioned above will contribute to the success of your awards program. But some of these points are more important than others.

Ordering high-quality awards from a trusted source that won’t disappoint are one of the most important boxes to tick off.

And there’s no better place to do that than the well-known Dell Awards. If you’re looking for a reputable award-producing company that delivers their orders on time, we are the one for you.

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