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Types of Recognition and Why They Are Important


Whether you are recognizing someone at work or in the family, acknowledging someone has importance. It tells them that you notice the work they are doing, but it is a way of showing that you appreciate them. There are different types of recognition, and you must find which one they appreciate the most.

Some employees love gifts or small awards, while others would prefer a vacation and a bonus.
In a family unit, many moms and dads appreciate gifts, while others appreciate a day off from parenting. How do you know which type of recognition someone wants?

It may not always be easy, but at Dell Awards, we may have some answers for you. We have everything from personalized gifts to special awards. If you have a mom or dad who needs a day off from all the household chores, grab them a personalized “Best Parent” award and create a small “coupon” they can use that gets them out of whatever task they want, and you do them in return.

There are many different ways to acknowledge and recognize someone’s hard work. Pay attention to these types of recognition and find out which one will work best for the person you have in mind.

Types of Employee Recognition

As an employer, one of the things you need to focus on is giving feedback. You can do this during birthdays, holiday parties, yearly feedback, or quarterly feedback. Your team must have goals to work at, but it is also fundamental that your team knows when they are doing something right. If your team never knows when they have done something well, it can lower team morale.

Verbal Praise

This is one of the oldest ways people have been giving recognition. Simply telling someone they have done well on a project or with their goals can make someone feel valuable. Many people informally do this, but it can be incorporated as a part of a staff recognition program.

Written Praise

Taking the time to write a thank you note for something particular shows that you are really paying attention as a boss or leader. It also allows them to keep that note to look at as a physical reminder of their accomplishments. You can find unique ways to write a team member praise and give it to them when they have done extraordinarily well.


Lastly, we have gifts. Employees love gifts. Whether it is a small little box with a big check or a new clock they have always wanted for their desk, this is a way to show recognition. This is one of the best ways to show them that you acknowledge the fantastic work they are doing and make your team feel valued. Why give your team gifts?

  • Increases Job Satisfaction- When you put thought into gifts as an employer, it can change the way your team values you and their job. They will more than likely feel content and happy with their job.
  • Feelings Of Connection- Picking out a meaningful gift can show that you care about them and the work they do. It will also invoke feelings of trust and connection.
  • It’s More Memorable- You may be tempted to purchase swag from your company, but that isn’t the best idea. Buying something for someone specific and tailored to them makes the gift and thought way more memorable.

Types of Family Recognition

Families are the oldest institutions, and because of that, family members are often overlooked for the work they do. We never think of recognizing our parents’ hard work or acknowledging the work kids do in school. Life can get crazy busy, and all of the work each family member does is necessary for a healthy and happy family. It is crucial to take the time to say thank you to people in your family. You can do this on birthdays, holidays, or specialized days like Mother and Father’s Day.

Verbal Acknowledgment

Not everyone’s families are full of communicators. However, one nice word or praise of acknowledgment can totally change a family member’s day. If you never tell them you love or appreciate them for all of the hard work they do, they will never realize it.


Take your family out to a surprise dinner. Coordinate something with another family member who can help get everyone to the same place. Toast the hard work that has been going on in the house.


Just like with employees, family members love to receive gifts. You can buy a personalized gift that shares just how you feel about them. Buy an award that says “Best Mom Ever” or maybe something for your sister who has encouraged and supported you every day.

Gifts Ideas For Work And Family

Are you looking for more ideas on how to recognize someone at work or in the family? Dell Awards has some of the best options for personalized gifts and awards you can choose from. They will help you tell someone you appreciate and acknowledge them.

Picture Frame Acrylic Award

If you want to share your favorite memory, this is the perfect award for your mom. You can personalize it and engrave it with whatever you want it to say. This is a sure way to make your mom feel recognized and appreciated.

Polar Camel 20 oz. Tumbler Vacuum Insulated with Engraving

Brothers and sisters or even your kids are super hard to shop for. What’s in right now? If you have older kids, personalized tumblers they can decorate are one of the top trending gifts right now. Pair this with some fun stickers, and they will use it for several years.

Clear Arch Cathedral Acrylic Clock Award

If you have an entry-level employee who has hit all of their goals and needs some desk decor, this is a perfect choice. You can get an engraving with their name and title so they can never forget their accomplishments.

Swirl Art Glass Award

Are you looking to get your favorite boss a gift but stumped because you want something unique? This is the perfect award. It can sit on their mantle or shelf but also be a piece of art. You can etch it and make it personalized.

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