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Traditional Vs Unique Gifts For Retirement


No matter who you are shopping for, picking out gifts is super hard and somewhat intimidating. You never know if it’s going to be the right option or something they will even use. When people retire from a company, the entire team will get together to throw a small party, chip in on a gift, or bring several small gifts.

If you are responsible for choosing a gift, you will have to think about whether you will give a traditional retirement gift or something unique. How do you choose which one to go for? If you know the person who is retiring very well and can consider them a friend, you should always choose a unique and personalized gift. It’s thoughtful and memorable.

On the other hand, if you have only ever briefly talked to the retiring employee, it may be better for you to choose a traditional retirement gift. Dell Awards has a variety of gifts to choose from, all that will make the moment memorable.

Traditional Gifts For Retirement

There are a few gifts that are considered traditional. This does not mean they are not as special as unique gifts; they still invoke a connection with the company. They are just as sentimental, but they are also something that anyone can buy for the retiree. If you are unsure of where to begin, check out these five ideas.

Picture Frame Award

If they won an award or had a memorable moment happen during their career and you could find a picture of the moment, this is a great gift. You can purchase a picture frame that is also an award and engrave it with their name and the date the event took place. This is a way to acknowledge them and let them know they achieved great things while working with the company.

Photo Album

One of the most common traditional gifts is a photo album with pictures from their career. If there aren’t that many pictures, you can fill it up with client notes. If you know clients have an attachment to the retiree, get them to write it out and then stick it between the photos. This takes a traditional gift and adds a unique flair to it.

Purchase A Gift Card

A super traditional gift that multiple people can chip in on is a gift card. You can gather your team up and each chip in $20-$30 dollars to send the retiree to a spa, restaurant, or a show they have been meaning to see. So, next time you’re in the office pay attention to things the retiree wants to do when they’re done working.

Golf Awards

If you know someone who has a huge hobby involving golf, that can be something to get them! Choose a golf award you can personalize. You can say something like “Best Retired Golfer” or something silly you know they will appreciate. If you can swing it with the group, you may buy a new club and engrave it.


If you have a list of all of their achievements in the industry, you can easily create and customize a plaque just for them. You can label it by accomplishments and dates that will help them remember their career while retired. This is a remarkable traditional gift that many people appreciate.

Unique Gifts For Retirement

If you know the retiree and want to go above and beyond, you can choose a unique and uncommon gift. When you truly think about the person and pick something unique based on their personality, it is 100x more thoughtful than a traditional gift. Now, not all of us employees can do that, but if you fall into this category, look at these five ideas that may help you choose something.

Appreciation Award

If you have a boss, you appreciate someone who took the time to mentor you when you were new on a job; you have to get them an appreciation award. There are so many different kinds you can choose from. Dell Awards have everything from clocks to paperweights and more. Choose one that matches their personality and blow them away. They will be able to look back on the award for years to come.

Subscription To A Wine Of The Month Club

Do you know this retiree well enough to get them a subscription to a monthly wine service? This can be one of the best gifts ever. Match it with a wine toolset to make a memorable impact. You can leave a little note with the toolset stating which subscription you chose and what wines it will feature first. This is something the retiree can look forward to every month.


A unique gift that can be overlooked is a BBQ set. Sure, most people already have one, but getting one that is brand new and personalized makes a statement. You can pair it with a fun note telling them you can’t wait to see them use it and come over for a BBQ day during the summer. It’s a fun way to acknowledge their retirement and also letting them know it’s not the last time they will be seeing you.

Poker Set

Did you go to guys’ night with the boss and attend poker night? This is the perfect gift for any avid poker player. Being retired means there will be a lot more late night poker game sessions and they deserve a kit to match. It’s a unique gift that not everyone can give the retiree. You’ll have to know them on a personal level and ensure they actually play the game.


This is a gift that doesn’t make sense for everyone. If you know a judge or lawyer retiring, a personalized gavel can be one of the best gifts to give. It is a reminder of the job they once did while adding a personal touch to it. They can take it home and hang it up or put it on their mantle where they can see it every day.

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