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The Basics Of Recognition – Types and Importance


Recognizing an individual’s hard work motivates them to do even better next time. Everyone likes recognition. Everyone wants the satisfaction of being critical, whether regarding academics, sports, or just for getting recognition for working hard while doing your job.

Praising someone’s work or complimenting them on how they are doing helps grow their self-esteem. Validation is one of the essential human needs. Every individual wants to feel a sense of value and feel like they belong to something special.

Being recognized for something as simple as making a successful sale is an exciting and warm feeling. However, there are different ways to recognize one’s efforts and to appreciate them. So let’s get to know how recognition affects your psychology and the ways to recognize a person.

How Does Recognition Affect You Psychologically

Believe it or not, recognition affects a person’s behavior. The Maslow Hierarchy Of Needs is a very popular motivational theory in psychology. The model presents five different tiers of human needs. The pyramid model has different hierarchy levels.

The needs starting from the bottom of the pyramid must be satisfied before the ones on the top. Some of the needs include esteem, self-actualization, physiological, safety, love, and belonging. The theory shows the elements humans need to thrive on and how they affect a person psychologically.

The purpose of this theory is that every workplace or environment you’re in should fulfill the levels in this theory. Because by fulfilling each level, you are encouraging prosocial behavior. You are encouraging your co-workers or employees to work harder. This also makes them more efficient with their work.

Types Of Recognition

When it comes to recognition, there are different types and ways. You can recognize a person’s hard work in many different ways. So let’s ponder upon some of the ways to appreciate someone’s efforts.

Recognition Card


Giving encouraging advice and complimenting someone is one way to recognize one’s effort. Verbal appreciation is probably the easiest and least time-consuming way. Recognition does not have to be done expertly. You can simply compliment someone’s work while you’re passing by them.

Like complimenting your assistant in the office for always keeping your schedule in check! Verbal praise is the oldest form of recognition in the workplace. So you should try it!

A Bonus

When you hear of getting a bonus, you’re probably already excited. However, there are types of bonuses as well. One of them is a spot bonus. Spot bonuses are monetary awards. This kind of bonus is for someone who makes a valuable contribution to your work, and you award them right away with a small bonus.

Bonus Money

Handing a bonus out at the very moment has a significant impact. Plus, since the bonuses are minor in nature, it’s not that hard to hand them out to hard-working people.

This will motivate them to work even more challenging for you. And who doesn’t like a little appreciation while working long and hard to fulfill a task?

Written Appreciation Letter

Sometimes some people get uncomfortable while verbally praising someone. Or are just a bit shy. But it’s nothing to worry about since written appreciation letters are widespread and feel more genuine.

Written letters are like proofs of employees’ contributions that are on paper. So you should try writing one. You’ll be surprised to see the appreciative reaction by the people around you.

Benefits Of Recognition

There’s no harm in recognizing one’s value. There are many benefits of recognition. Here are some of the benefits.

Boost In Motivation

When you give an employee recognition, their confidence levels skyrocket. Recognition and rewards motivate them to work hard and maintain a positive attitude in the workplace.

They will strive to become better than others. So giving them any kind of reward will make them work even harder the next time they get a task or project.

Increased Productivity

Employees work hard because they want recognition. Sometimes that’s through getting rewards, and other times, it’s through getting verbal praises.

Productivity Wall

If you give the worker the recognition they deserve, they will start taking pride in their work and deliver high-quality work compared to other employees. This will increase their productivity.

Friendly Competition

Though teamwork is indeed essential, it is also true to have friendly rivalry among co-workers. A little friendly rivalry is still always good for giving the competition an edge.

Workers will start to compare each other’s performances and pinpoint how they can get better each time. This way, they are actually motivating themselves on their own.

When Is Giving Recognition Important

Some of the ways you can recognize a person’s efforts are by giving importance to some of the events below.

Hit Milestones

The best and most memorable time to reward someone’s efforts is when they hit a massive milestone in their work life. For example, work anniversaries are notable but are never done correctly.

When an employee reaches a work anniversary, they look back at their work timeline, from revisiting past mistakes to contemplating their plans. Celebrating a work anniversary is a special milestone that needs to get recognition.

So giving a Plaque or a card to the person who hits their milestone should be mandatory. It is a particular time to thank an employee for their excellent efforts during the whole year.

Project Completion

Completing a long project feels like a huge weight is lifted off one’s shoulder. However, it is also essential to recognize the whole staff’s efforts that have helped you in your project.

Recognition of your team is essential. Also, make sure you thank each team member. Appreciating the efforts on time has more impact as compared to when the moment is gone by.

Birthday Events

One of the significant drawbacks of working is that you can’t enjoy some main events like birthdays. Your 9-5 job will most likely keep you busy in your office all day.

But don’t worry, you can change that. Start by just buying a cake or a cupcake and wishing your colleague or employee Happy Birthday. Some people may not like a lot of attention. Every person has a different mindset however you should still make them feel unique and valued even when they don’t ask for it.


Recognition is essential for humans. No one likes to feel left out. Every person wants to feel important. It is how the human brain works.

This is why we have added some of the ways you can praise a person in the article above. Try them for yourself to find out if they work or not.

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