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Medals: One Of The Most Cost-Effective Awards


Generally, awards are to thank one’s excellence or to recognize someone’s hard work. A medal is a piece of metal that is in the form of a coin. Medals are for preserving the memory of a notable event or to serve as an award.

A medal or medallion is a small, flat, and round piece of metal that has either been sculpted, stamped, struck or contains artistic rendering somehow. First, let’s look into why medals are important.

Why Are Awards Necessary?

Awards recognize one’s hard work and achievements. Awards can boost a person’s morale and are a source of motivation for them. Every individual craves recognition. Recognizing a person’s hard work motivates them to work harder the next time they do something.

Praising an individual’s work or complimenting them in some way will help grow their self-esteem. What’s better than rewarding them with awards to recognize their work.

Praising an individual

Awards aren’t just for one’s success. Awards recognize other qualities, including an individual’s struggle, effort, excellence, and ability. Most organizations and businesses also incorporate awards to give their workers or employees the recognition they deserve.

History Of Medals

Medals have been around for a very long time. The historian Josephus stated that in the fourth century, a priest named Jonathan led the Hebrews with the aid of Alexander Balas. In return, Alexander Balas sent Jonathan many honorary awards, a custom to give a King’s kinsmen.

The Making Of Medals

Medals are built with metals such as bronze, copper, silver, zinc, nickel, brass, or gold. You can produce the medals using different techniques. Additionally, they are cast from wood, wax, or stone. The design is then pressed down using pressure. You can even produce it using the repousse process.

Making Of Medals

In this process, two interlocking molds are brought together under pressure. A punch can be cut in the hard metal, and the design will press into a softer metal. The softer metal then turns hard to form a die. This process is a lot easier and quicker using machinery.

Why Are Medals Cost-Effective?

Medals are more cost-effective compared to other awards as regular medals are built from relatively cheaper alloys as compared to other premium awards. If you want to find medals that fit your budget, then hop onto this website to find the cheaper alternative you’ve been looking for. Because hey! It makes zero sense to spend extra money when you can find a cheaper medal award alternative.

Types Of Famous Medals Around The World

Many different types of medals are famous in the world today, and we have put together a list of some of those medals.

Olympic medal

An Olympic medal is for those competitors that have been successful in their Olympic games. There are three different classes of medals that an individual can win: the Gold, the silver, and the bronze medal. The gold medal is for the first place winners, while silver is for the second and bronze is for the third position.

Olympic Rings

The medal designs have changed over the years. The medals in the Winter Olympic games don’t have a standard design but always feature snowflakes and the event site, where the medal has been won.

Additionally, in some countries, the medal winners receive extra gifts and sums of money depending on the number of medals won and their class.

Medal of honor (US)

The medal of honor, also informally known as the congressional medal of honor, is the most prestigious award in the US. It is the highest medal any US service member can receive. The award was built during the civil war in 1861.

The medal is for the bravest of brave. It is for exceptional response against an enemy. The medal has three versions—one for the army, one for the navy, and one for the air force.

All the medal recipients received their awards from the president of that time. Some previous honorary recipients of the medal of honor include president Theodore Roosevelt, Travis Atkins, and Daniel Daly.

The Victoria Cross of Canada

The Victoria Cross dates back to 1993. The award serves as the highest honorary award in the Canadian honors system. Either the Canadian monarch or the monarch’s viceregal representative hands out the award.

Any Canadian military forces or allies under Canadian military command need to offer complete devotion to their duty against enemy forces. The Victoria Cross is only for the bravest, the most daring, and the most sacrificial of people against hostile forces.

Uses Of Medals

The importance of medals now is quite apparent. Along with them being critical, they also have quite a lot of uses. Let’s now look into some of the uses of medals these days.

As Awards

A medal is the most common type of award. They have been in use as awards for a long time now. In the Olympics, the medal serves as an award. Medals are for one’s excellence and hard work.


Kids With Medals

If you’ve ever been to the museum, you’ve probably seen medals given out as souvenirs. For instance, in Turkey, once you finish your flying session in a hot air balloon, you get a medal as a souvenir to remember your memorable trip.

Souvenirs act as memories. You keep souvenirs to remember specific places you’ve visited or to preserve some kind of memories.

The Takeaway

Medals have been popular for a long time. They have multiple purposes and are helpful for many organizations. If you’re looking to find some medals, then click on this link here.

Hopefully, our article has given you a deeper insight into the world of medals, and now you’re aware of their uses and importance.

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