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The Impact of Olympics – How Sports Have Changed Popularity in the US


Have you ever wondered why the Olympics is such an important event for almost all athletes? Or have you ever thought of how it all started and when?

The Olympics is the name of the world’s largest sports gala. These sports are held every four years. There are two major Olympic games held, the winter Olympic games and the summer Olympic games.

The importance of these sports events is that they are held to bring together the world on a single platform and compete based on nationality.

204 countries, participating in 56 sports and 302 sporting events of the Olympics. How cool is that?

History of Olympics

The Olympics began in the Olympia area of ancient Greece, about 3000 years ago. From 8th century B.C to 4th century A.D, the Olympics were held every 4 years in Olympia, located in the western peninsula, in honor of the god Zeus.


The history goes back to as early as 776 B.C, when a cook won the Olympics in a 192 meters sprint race called strade. According to a legend, Hercules (the son of Zeus) and Alcmene initiated the Games.

Evolution of Olympics

Isn’t it fascinating that the Olympics were halted for about 1500 years, until the late 19th century? The games were resumed by a French educator, Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

In 1894, he proposed the idea to the congress of Paris. Somehow this was not opposed by anyone, and it was accepted. Olympics started in Athens, Greece, in 1896. He suggested the Olympic emblem of five rings as it shows the unity of the five continents.

The Olympics became regular and actually resumed in 1924 in Paris, with about 44 nations taking part along with a closing ceremony. Now, the Olympics were becoming more like the way we know them. The same year winter Olympics began and started to gain popularity.

In 2004, almost 80 years later, the Olympics came back to Athens. This became the largest event in the history of the Olympics, with 201 nations taking part and about 11.000 athletes. The same year the event of shot put was held in Olympia in order to bring together the ancient and the modern Olympics.

Impact of Olympics

Olympics do not just impact us as a historic event held every four years to bring everyone on a single platform to compete. It is much more than that!

Short and Long Term Benefits

In the short term, the events provide immense tourism to the country they are being held in. In Rio, Brazil, about 60,000 people were in the stadium, and about 3 billion people broadcasted the event.

The vast number of people visiting the venue city brings sudden development and increase in local tourism, boosting the country’s economy. The Olympics bring that city to the spotlight and help people in that country show their love for sports.

In longer terms, these events improve the city’s infrastructure, such as roads, transportation, and other facilities. It brings new job opportunities and gives a boost in the image of the country.

Inspires Kids to Play Sports


The Olympics have the most extensive broadcasting of over 3 billion and 7 billion views on social media platforms. A considerable number of the viewers are kids, and watching their country’s athletes performing will bring a thought to try that sport at least.

No one knows which of those kids will be inspired so profoundly that they dream of an olympian someday.

How Olympics Unite the World

How Olympics Unite the World

The Olympics is perhaps the only sporting event that unites the whole world. It gives every nation a chance to showcase their athletic ability at the largest sporting event in the whole world.

All the nations set their eyes on scoring as many medals as possible and proving that they are the best.

Effect on Sports

The Olympics bring the sports vibe as they approach. The street games of either football, tracks, or athletics become very common. People start to do sports and take as much part as they can. The Olympics become an ambassador for sports.

Why Must The Olympics Be Held?

Olympics must be held in order to keep the environment around entertainment as healthy as possible.
Sports keep people together and keep them healthy and fit both mentally and physically. It will be a major useful impact if the Olympics start being held in the countries that need help with their development. The overall impact of the Olympics will serve a greater impact.

How Do Awards Help Athletes?

Awards are a major part of an athlete’s career. Awards are a way of expressing the success of an athlete.
They appreciate their hard work and dedication towards the sports and their country. Without awards, there would be no point in competing in sports.

US and Sports

US and Sports

There is an unbreakable bond between the US and sports. The use of social glue plays a significant part in representing the importance of sports in the US society as they believe that this is a major part of keeping the unity within the nation.

The Popularity of Sports in the US

In the US, sports play economic, historical, political, and social importance for the popularity of sports. Millions of people are affiliated with sports in the US either directly or indirectly.

The directly related are the athletes or the sports workers. The indirectly related are the spectators or people who use sports to make a living like a stall manager around stadiums or just some people who broadcast them from home.

The Final Verdict

It can easily be said that the Olympics brought a sudden increase in the popularity of sports all around the globe, especially in the US.

The amount of medals the US wins in the Olympics is remarkable, motivating the newer generation to keep the footprints of the US in the Olympics as strong as possible.

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