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Awards shows take place all around the world. With outstanding achievements comes excellent results in the form of rewards.

Prizes or awards are available in different categories such as sports, science, music, politics, acting, and much more.

These prizes aim to celebrate and highlight the talent of an individual. Generally, it is for the ones who are on top of their game.

Did you know that over 8 million people were watching the Academy Awards this year? And that’s only one award ceremony out of the thousands carried out throughout the world!

Academy Awards

The History Of Awards

The History Of Awards dates back to ancient times. Generally, in ancient times the trophies used to be statues, arches, and columns.

Generally, in Rome, stone columns were very popular. In addition, the Greeks used to construct trophies from the armor and Arms of the captured enemy. These trophies were usually dedicated to God.

However, other trophies were also available at the time. Moreover, in the Olympic games in Greece, the winners were crowned with twisted olive branches.

The olive branches may seem simple, but they were surprisingly precious at the time. Moreover, the crowns were for elite athletes. Even in modern times, the cup design trophy is in use.

In sporting events, the chalice, usually in two-handled cups, was given out back in the 17th century.

All in all, the trophies and awards have two main types of differences comparatively from the older times. Cost and diversity.

Because of the readily available manufacturing practices and inexpensive materials, it’s naturally easy to replicate your vision for your award.

Types Of Famous Awards

Here are some of the famous types of awards.

Golden Globe

The Golden Globes are annual awards held in January, and it is a significant part of the film industry awards season. However, some are also thought to be a party version of the more reserved Academy Awards.

Actors and film professionals from various countries join the event to recognize each other’s excellent abilities in the industry.

Nobel Prize

The prestigious prize is given for one’s excellence in different fields. It is named after Alfred Nobel, the creator of dynamite. The first-ever Nobel prize was presented back in 1901.

The prizes are in different categories, from literature, medicine, physics, chemistry, economics to peace. Evidently, the impactful real-life stories of some of the Nobel prize winners may inspire you.

Many prize winners with inspiring endeavors, such as Malala Yousufzai, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and many more. In Addition, to getting a diploma and a medal, the winner also receives a monetary prize.

Bafta Awards

The BAFTA or the British Academy Film Awards is an annual award show. It is to honor the best British and international contributions to film.

BAFTA aims to develop, support, inspire, and promote art forms of the moving image.

The Award includes categories such as Best Documentary Award, Best Animated Film, Best Short Film, Best Cinematography, and much more.

Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards are by the Recording Academy. It is to recognize the achievements in the industry of music. The awards take place annually and are the first Big Three Networks major music awards.

You may know the Grammy Awards as one of the four major annual American entertainment awards. Along with Academy Awards, Tony Awards, and Emmy Awards.

In addition, the award ceremony also features performances by well-known artists and the presentation of awards that depicts the achievements and accomplishments of the industry’s recording artists.

Success Stories Of Some Of The Award Winners

The Academy Awards, the Grammy, and The Nobel Prize are all very prestigious and famous awards.

Happy Man

Marie Curie The Nobel Prize Winner

Marie Curie won a Nobel prize almost a hundred years ago, but that does not discredit her efforts and inspiring story. She was born in a time where women usually did not pursue their higher education.

Maria Salomea Sklodowska called herself “Marie ” after she left Russian-controlled Poland in 1891. She left Poland for France and was not going to waste her extraordinary intellect.

Along with her work and marriage partner Pierre Curie, they discovered two new elements, Polonium and Radium. For which she was given a Nobel prize in 1911 for Chemistry.

In addition, she also got another Nobel Prize for the study of spontaneous radiation, which was first discovered by Becquerel.

Sadly her work was the death of her. Finally, she died in 1934 due to bone marrow, possibly because of radiation exposure.

The Winning Documentary Lady In Number 6

The Lady in number 6 is a holocaust survivor story. Malcolm Clarke resisted meeting Alice Herz Sommer for many years. After that, he hesitated to make another documentary based on the holocaust.

However, upon meeting her, he knew the story was much more profound. Alice was German-speaking and a Jewish pianist from Prague.

She discusses different inspirational topics in her documentaries, such as the importance of music, laughter, and an overall optimistic outlook on life. It went on to win the 2014 Academy Award for best documentary!

In addition, to being an inspiration to many, she was also the world’s oldest Holocaust survivor. Furthermore, she died at age 110, one week before the 86th Academy Awards.

Awards Won By Adele

On May 5th in 1988, Adele was born to a working-class mother who encouraged her to test her skills and limits. The singer has had an immense passion and love for music ever since she was young and naturally has received many awards for it.

She’s the first female artist in the Billboard Hot 100 to have three consecutive singles as a lead artist. Furthermore, she has the best-selling U.K record of the decade.

Music Awards

Adele has also amassed fifteen Grammys in total. Lastly, It’s safe to say that not only is she talented and inspiring to others, but she has also been rewarded with various prestigious awards.


Awards show a person’s ability in the industry. It is to show appreciation for an individual’s achievement. There are many notable awards shows around the world.

In our article above, you will learn about the types of awards, the history of awards, and their importance.

Moreover, prizes are for top achievers in various fields from singing, acting to science and politics.

To summarise, awards and prizes highlight hard-working individuals.

Maybe you can achieve one too! Hop on our website for more info on famous awards.

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