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A Shopping Guide For The Best Personalized Father’s Day Gifts


Fathers are hard to shop for; they seem to have everything! However, a personalized gift can mean much more than some random gift bought from the dollar store. If you are looking to impact and find something meaningful for your dad, Dell Awards has some of the best options for you.

We take our job seriously, and our goal is to provide some of the highest quality specialized awards to our customers. Dell Awards has been doing this since 1960 and can help you find the perfect gift every single year.

We have everything from board games to wine sets and eco-friendly gifts. No matter what your father is into, you can rest assured you will find the perfect gift through Dell Awards. This guide will walk you through the categories and the best gifts in each of those categories.

Top 10 Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

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June 20th is Father’s day this year, though this year we know not everyone will be able to see their dads. You can order these gifts any time and it will still make a drastic impact and be the perfect gift. Many people struggle to come up with gift ideas. That’s where Dell Awards steps in. We have different categories that will help you choose personalized and a gift that your dad will actually use.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Have a dad who is focused on environmentally friendly gifts? Or maybe you want to choose something eco-friendly because you have been focused on the planet just a bit more. Dell Awards has a few options for you. Take a look at these five gifts for your beloved dad or grandpa.

Wine Box With Tools

The best thing about this gift is that the box is made from bamboo, and it will store wine perfectly. It comes with different tools to help open and cork the wine when you’re through. It is a padded box with thick black lining that will help cushion the bottle and hang the tools on the top.

Bamboo Note Holder

Is your dad always in the office, and you’re not sure what to get him? Dell Awards has the perfect solution for the eco-friendly working dads out there. This small square box has an insert that is perfect for holding sticky notes. It is the perfect small gift to send to your dad in June.

Bamboo Stapler

If you don’t think a sticky note holder is enough for your beloved dad, get him a mini bamboo stapler too! This is a budget-friendly eco gift that is also practical. The best feature about this product is that you can laser in your dad’s name or title on the top. This makes it a perfect add-on to the sticky note holder.

Bamboo Picture Frame

Have a favorite picture of you and your dad? We have the perfect solution for you. We offer a bamboo picture frame that can easily be engraved with a name or special saying. It is eco and climate-friendly.

Cork Picture Frame

This natural looking picture frame is perfect for any picture of you and your dad. You can choose three different sizes to choose from and any of the sizes can be engraved with a name or word that represents your dad.

Desk Accessories


Dell Awards have plenty of opportunities to find the perfect desk accessories for your dad. We have everything from cardholders to paperweights and more for you to pick from. This is the perfect opportunity to get something with a custom name or design that can sit on your dad’s work desk. Here are some of the best options for you.

Acrylic Paperweight

This paperweight can be engraved with a name or position in a company and comes in three different colors. It is the perfect gift for dads who always have loose documents or hold-down files. You can choose from small, medium, and large.

Crystal Business Card Holder

If you are looking for something a little more unique for your dad, try out a crystal cardholder. It comes in one size, but it is perfect for a dad who loves elegance. This will class up his desk and leave a daily reminder that you love and appreciate all his hard work.

Rosewood Clock

This clock is sleek, classy, and elegant. It comes in a piano finish, with two pens and a letter opener. It can come in gold or silver, which appeals to everyone’s tastes! This is the perfect gift for any dads always in the office. The clock’s mechanisms are open and in the front so your dad can actually watch the clockwork. It is one of the best gifts to truly impress your dad!

Acrylic Ruler

Do you have a dad who needs to measure everything? We give you the option to buy a high-quality acrylic ruler that can actually be used or be used as an award to hang up over a mantle or desk. You can customize it with an engraving saying whatever you wish. If your dad is a teacher or professor, this is a good present.

Acrylic Star Paperweight

Does your dad deserve to be the star or Fathers day? Choose our Marble Star Paperweight made from acrylic with a beautiful design and a deep blue star in the middle. You can personalize this product with a name or saying engraved. This is the best gift to show your father what he means to you.

One of the best things about Dell Awards is that you have several options for desk accessories. There are tons of clocks you can customize and tons of business cardholders. You will find something you fall in love with and make a perfect gift.

What Else Can You Buy?

Dell Awards wants to make shopping easy for you. We give you more than enough options to find the perfect gift for your dad or loved one. You have the option to buy board games, BBQ items, tech gifts, and more. Whatever your dad is into, we have the most suitable option. You can customize it in any way you like.

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