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Stock awards are ready-made awards like medals and trophies. In stock awards, a name, logo or badge, and description are added to make it personalized—a less expensive option compared to custom awards.

Every event and award recipient is unique and has its own traits and preferences and so the stock award must be customized or personalized to suit their needs.

A business or professional award might be something elegant with a simple design featuring more traditional materials such as marble or crystal. These awards can be used in different important events, professional fields and institutions such as musical and theatrical events, schools, hobby organizations, sports leagues, and others.

For the most suitable award, one must have knowledge of the whole creation as this can help with the overall budget and the kind of artistic work to be performed.

Here’s our process, the Dell Awards process, for the artistic creation of a stock awards and to give you an idea of how we work and how to move things favorably with your award needs.

Process for Creating Stock Awards

Creating stock awards are simple and straightforward, but you need to be meticulous in every decision you will make as your decision will affect the entire outcome of the work.


Surely, every customer we have wanted the most prestigious award. However, considering your budget, it will narrow down the choices. With the help of our awards specialist at Dell Awards, you can come up with an exceptional choice without needing to break the bank. Our awards specialists are known to be flexible in finding the perfect awards based on your budget.


You must provide all the information or descriptions needed to be included in the award like the name of the recipient, date of presentation or event, specific years of service to be recognized, an organization of which the award is presented, and a brief description of why the award is being given.

You can also ask help from our award specialist at Dell Awards to make sure that everything you take down is correct and proper.


There’s a saying that says “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that is true.

If you are going to put a logo, theme or design, make sure that it would make the award more unique, personalized, and presentable. These graphics provide instant recognition and can take an award oto the next level.

Just remember to use a high-quality image file, preferably in vector graphics formats like .ai, .eps or .cdr.


Giving yourself enough time when making the description, selecting the awards, and the overall theme is very important.

Our awards specialist can also help you in these matters, but first, they need your input so that they will understand and whave an idea of what you want to be the outcome.

Never rush yourself in such matter as it may cost you higher because of labor overtime as well as expedited shipping costs.


If you are done working with everything and have the final outcome that you are proud to present, take a moment and feel the satisfaction and joy it will provide to the awardee or organization.

These awards represent accomplishments that each awardee can be proud of. You as well can take pride in a job well done.


With our years of service in making stock awards, we always make sure to provide the best options for our clients. We provide varied awards that can be used in any event for someone’s accomplishment and recognition. Here are some examples of pre-made or stock awards we provide:

  • Trophies
  • Medals
  • Plaques
  • Gifts

Making these beautiful awards is our passion here at Dell awards and we always make sure to put a lot of effort and love every time we create one for a client.

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