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Plaque awards are some of the many products that we offer over at Dell Awards. That said, this is a broad category that encompasses a number of the plaque awards we offer. Below we’re going to go over classic plaques, premium plaques, specialty plaques, and perpetual plaques so that you can buy your plaque awards completely informed.

Classic Awards

These are some of the most popular and cost effective award plaques that we have available on our website. With these plaques, you can choose a number of different colors and finishes. The Cherry Finish Plaque Award, for example, starts at only $25.

You have a number of options when you decide to go with this kind of plaque. Each plaque style includes an engraved designer plate of you choice and color. Prices are dependent on the size chosen as well as the quantity.

The Color Marble Finish Plaque Award, is another of the plaques that is part of our best value Classic Plaques Collection. This is because each plaque is completely customizable, which ensures that you can design it to match the overall style of the person receiving it.

Premium Plaques

Our premium plaque awards are made out of premium hardwoods and while they are slightly more expensive, they provide individuality with an overall luxury that can’t be beat by other plaques on the market.

The Bamboo Laser Engraved Plaque Award is the perfect example of this. The plaque features engraved bamboo, which is significantly more ecologically friendly than other plaques you might find. The logo and engraving are lasered directly onto the wood of this plaque, which provides it with an interesting light-dark contrast.

If you’re looking for something with more color and more of a modern look, you can’t go wrong with the Piano Finish Black Award.  This award is made with a high gloss finish. The lustrous ebony finish in this one is what creates a elegantly modern look. No matter what which designer plate you select, you can expect this plaque to look great on your award shelf or wall.

Specialty Plaques

These award plaques are exactly what the name suggests: they’re plaques that are made for special occasions. When it comes to success, there is nothing better than these specialty plaques.

The Bevel Edge Glass Plaque Award is a prime example of our premium plaque. This is the plaque that everyone wishes they could get when attending an award ceremony. The award is polished and can stand on its own. If you want to go with a clear, smoked, blue, or black glass award.

 The Floating Acrylic Black Piano Finish Plaque combines a lacquer wood with beveled acrylic. This is ideal for those who are looking for something that can provide intricate design work, photographs, and logos.

Perpetual Plaques

Perpetual plaque awards are ideal for those who need a plaque that can provide a number of slots for different names and years. While this is slightly more expensive than other plaques, it will be worth it in the long run because you won’t need to buy a new plaque every year; instead, you can simply have the new names engraved when the time comes.

The Black Piano Finish Perpetual Plaque Award 12-24 Plates is the perfect plaque if you need something that has a range of slots you can choose from, as well as a more modern design. This is ideal for group awards because it truly provides a look of luxury.

Cherry Finish Perpetual Plaque Award 26-60 Plates provide individuals with a more classic look than the aforementioned perpetual plate. It also provides a large number of slots for names if you’re looking for something that can last through the years.

For more information or if you need help you can call us at 1-877-DELL495 and we will be happy to answer any questions and offer our best suggestions for your identification needs!

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