3 Occasions to Use Engraving Services


There are many reasons to use Engraving Services. We define Engraving Services as adding personalization to any engraveable item. The item to be engraved can be anything from a traditional award, gift, or practically any object that has an engraveable area. We will focus on three occasions that are perfect for Engraving Services – Award Presentations, Personalized Gifts, and Item Identification.

Dell Awards is known for providing customers and users with state-of-the-art engraving services in the San Diego, CA area and beyond. We take pride in our expertise and craftsmanship when personalizing our customers’ projects.

Award Presentations

Presenting an award to an individual or group is often as thrilling as receiving one. The one thing that makes an award even better is personalizing it. Receiving an accolade is gratifying in itself however the value increases greatly when it is presented with their own name and accomplishment permanently marking the occasion. Whether you are recognizing individuals or marking an outstanding milestone, personalization will make your presentation shine.

Personalized Gifts

There are many occasions to give gifts. Major events such as weddings, retirements, religious ceremonies, baby showers, graduations, and so much more. Sometimes we give gifts just to show our appreciation and thanks to someone who has made a difference to us. Once again, personalization by engraving elevates the gift to the next level. It shows the thoughtfulness and gratitude to make it uniquely for the recipient. Having your gift engraved commemorates the event or reason for giving and creates a more valuable keepsake.

Item Identification

Engraving any item will change how that item is perceived. It can be strictly for identification or as a personal inscription to identify to whom the item belongs or is being given. For example, engraving a prototype gadget with a trademark logo and model number or a baseball glove with the owner’s name. Adding engraving to any item can be as simple as a name or as intricate as a custom design or photograph. Personalizing electronic equipment such as a laptop is an excellent way to identify and make it unique to its owner.

Our Engraving Service

Dell Award has been personalizing our clients’ awards, gifts, and personal items for 60 years. With today’s technology, laser engraving is often the preferred marking method however we also offer traditional diamond drag engraving, digital printing, and other processes. We can engrave text and match almost any typestyle desired as well as clipart, original artwork, photographs, and drawings. We offer art services if customer-supplied artwork is not of acceptable quality and can help with design and layout to create the perfect personalization specifically for you.

If you’re planning to submit artwork, vector images such as .ai, .eps, .cdr, or vector pdf files work best. High resolution bitmap images of 300 dpi resolution may also work well.

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