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As our very first blog I’d like to thank you for stopping by! Dell Awards has been crafting quality, customized awards and recognition products for almost 60 years now. Whew! It’s been quite a ride! Starting as a small mom and pop shop by our founders, Dell and Stella Lake, we have been a reliable and trustworthy member of our local community in Lemon Grove, California since day one of opening the showroom doors.

Dell & Stella Lake

Loyal friend and well respected employee of the Lakes, Mike Telles, has taken Dell Awards to new heights. Thoughtful care and attention to detail are still upheld in each award and article of recognition that gets passed from his hands to the hands of our customers but the acquirement of the these cherished items is now simplified through our online store.

Keeping our Community in the Know

The area of awards and recognition has always been something people have valued and utilized to acknowledge the hard work and achievements of others. While the concept is timeless, the ways in which companies, clubs, organizations and institutions can present these awards is ever changing. Getting the word out about creative new items of recognition is important to share with the world, hence why we’ve created this blog.

We’ll be updating here monthly with news about the company, new products that are being released, and more information that will be of great benefit to our customers.

Our Showroom in Lemon Grove, CA

Please stay tuned! We welcome any questions or comments below or you can email us directly [email protected].

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About Dell Awards

At Dell Awards, quality products and friendly, reliable service have always been our hallmark. Our specialty is creating high quality custom awards and recognition products by blending cutting edge technology with years of experience.